Aluminum windows – prices, what to know and what to look for?

In the past period, aluminum windows were mainly used in institutional and commercial construction, but due to their usefulness and functionality, they have now also entered into use in single-family housing. Aluminum has a number of features that make it used to make durable doors and windows. Aluminum windows are modern windows. We check what are their special features, what is the offer of this type of windows on the Polish market and what to look for when buying them.

Aluminum is used in various industries and in construction. Structural aluminum materials are recognized for their properties and because they meet the high requirements of materials used in construction.

Aluminum is currently used for the production of building accessories, for facades, aluminum facades, roofing and load-bearing structures, the span of which is considerable. Structural components used in the chemical industry are also made of aluminum for use in aggressive environments.

Aluminum also produces various types of profiles, window walls as well as sliding doors and aluminum windows. Aluminum joinery enjoys growing interest of individual clients. In the past, aluminum windows were used mainly by large commercial investors, as it has been so far, but the importance of this type of windows in single-family housing is growing systematically. Aluminum windows are installed in office buildings, shopping malls, private clinics and hotels. Aluminum joinery is especially popular where there is a need to use large or very large glazing, as is the case in various types of commercial buildings.

Aluminum joinery has a number of features that make it a good choice also in private homes. Aluminum windows have many advantages that make them more and more often used by individual investors. Aluminum is great for making windows – it is lightweight, has low density and good plasticity.

Features of aluminum and aluminum windows

Aluminum windows can be formed in almost any shape, because aluminum is very susceptible to forming. Aluminum windows can be square, round, rectangular or even arched. Roof skylights are also made of them. Unlike PVC or wooden windows, aluminum window constructions are mostly made to order.

Due to its strength, aluminum window joinery can have many faces. Both narrow window profiles and large wide frames, which are necessary for large and heavy glazing, are produced.

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Aluminum window profiles are divided into two groups: warm and cold. Cold profiles have rather poor thermal insulation and can be used in commercial or public facilities. Warm profiles are used for applications in residential buildings. Warm aluminum window constructions are more complicated in terms of performance, but they are characterized by much better insulation than cold profiles. Warm profiles are composed of two aluminum profiles that are connected by a thermal insert. This in turn is made of plastic.

Aluminum joinery is resistant to environmental and atmospheric factors. It does not grow on fungus or mold, it is resistant to moisture, snow or intense sun rays. Aluminum window joinery is durable and durable.

The design aesthetics factor is also important. Aluminum windows are available in a very wide range of colors. Aluminum windows are also finished in various ways. Powder coated windows can be ordered. To varnish aluminum profiles, polyester varnishes are used, which are available in a very rich color scheme.

Anodizing is another finish. Anodized aluminum joinery is durable, however varnished is considered more resistant to scratches. The offer of some companies dealing with the production of aluminum windows also includes the option of covering windows with wood-based coatings, which are characterized by a very aesthetic appearance.

Aluminum joinery is easy to care for. From time to time, it is enough to wipe the windows with a detergent and water. Most often, the window manufacturer recommends cleaning agents that will be most suitable for larger soiling. Do not use acid or vinegar cleaners to clean aluminum windows.