Cleaning at school and kindergarten, why a cleaning company?

When thinking about a good classroom, both parents and teachers pay attention primarily to the quality and availability of all accessories used on a daily basis by children and students.

The kindergarten in the foreground therefore remains friendly and nice room decoration or the availability of interesting toys. In turn, at school, from both the teacher’s and parents’ perspective, a good study room should be large enough, have comfortable chairs and desks, and the necessary teaching aids, e.g. a map (in the geography room) or laboratory accessories (in the chemistry room) ).

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It’s all true. However, the basic feature that should connect both the school and kindergarten playroom is cleanliness.

Because the issue of maintaining cleanliness in classrooms is not raised too often, we would like to raise this topic in the following article.
First of all, disinfection and use of professional means

It is worth being aware that schools and kindergartens are places where a whole bunch of bacteria and germs accumulate.

Especially in schools where practically all students take lessons in specific classrooms, the amount of bacteria accumulated in places such as desks, chairs or cloakrooms is very large.

More bacteria are also a much greater risk of the emergence and spread of viruses that cause student (and teacher) illness, and thus more absences and backlogs.

The best and practically the only way to minimize the amount of harmful microorganisms is to regularly and frequently disinfect not only the toilets, but also other elements with which students have direct contact.

An excellent example of elements requiring frequent disinfection are e.g. keyboards and mice in IT rooms, which constitute a huge habitat for bacteria.
Clean toys in kindergarten

Preschool children are very active and very curious about the world. In a short time, they touch a lot of different things – all parts of your body, shoes, toilets and of course toys that very often (especially younger children) also put in your mouth. This means that preschool toys should be thoroughly and as often as possible cleaned . The frequency of washing plastic and wooden toys and washing all kinds of stuffed animals should be increased in winter and flu. We recommend using Forlux, Medi-Sept (Mediclean line) and Diversey disinfectants.

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Germs develop best and spread in warm, still air. Therefore, one of the elements of cleaning in schools and kindergartens should also be a good ventilation of the rooms.
School cleaning

Unfortunately, realities can be difficult. With relatively small school budgets and large halls, cleaning often rests only with school (or pre-school) cleaning ladies and janitors who usually do not have the right amount of time, equipment and cleaning agents to enable accurate disinfection.

People in these positions often do not have adequate knowledge and experience in the field of professional cleaning.
So how do you keep school clean? It may be worth employing a cleaning company

Of key importance in this case is not only knowledge but also experience that is gained over the years.

Professional cleaning in schools is one of the services provided by our company. Attractive price is just one of the advantages of our offer. We provide the service with the greatest commitment, and hundreds of completed projects have enabled us to develop the most effective and effective work methods.

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