Stop smoking – withdrawal syndrome

Quitting smoking – like any rehab – is associated with withdrawal syndrome. Knowing this mechanism can help you free yourself from addiction.

As early as 1975, the World Health Organization recognized tobacco as an addictive substance. This means that rehab will cause a smoker’s withdrawal syndrome. It is not just a subjective psychological feeling. It can be demonstrated and measured in medical research. These will be changes in the EEG record, slowing of heart rate, drop in blood pressure, drop in the level of stress hormone – cortisol, adrenaline, happiness hormone – dopamine, weight increase as well as selective attention and memory disorders.

These symptoms occur at their greatest intensity during the first month and then gradually disappear. – For people who smoked a packet a day, the first month is a shock. On the other hand, they will also feel the positive consequences of quitting the habit – easier breathing, greater efficiency, better circulation, increased libido – says family doctor Robert Sapa. He also adds that craving and addiction can be overcome if you are determined to give up your addiction – Siberia snus UK

Sore throat and cough after quitting

Perennial smokers saying goodbye to addiction may experience coughing. Smoking causes chronic bronchitis. When we stop smoking, the bronchial mucosa regenerates. They begin to clear mucus and other substances. – It is worth checking with your doctor that the cough is not caused by other factors. If not, there is no point in fighting him. You need to let your body cleanse itself. If the cough was very troublesome, you can ask your family doctor for a syrup dissolving secretions – says Dr. Robert Sapa. Some people may also have a sore throat. Tobacco causes throat irritation, but also tolerates pain. By stopping smoking, we stop anesthetizing them. Doctors recommend moisturizing the throat and drinking plenty of water. Increased respiratory function, resolution of shortness of breath and cough may last from 1 to 9 months.

Decreased risk of heart attack

As staunch opponent of smoking emphasizes prof. Witold Zatoński from the Oncology Center in Warsaw after extinguishing the last cigarette within twenty minutes – the heart rate will drop and blood pressure will return to normal. After eight hours – the oxygen concentration in the blood will increase and carbon monoxide will drop to zero. This will increase the body’s efficiency. After a day, the risk of acute myocardial infarction will significantly decrease, and within two weeks to three months – the cardiovascular system will strengthen, physical condition will improve. However, as a result of a drop in pressure, headaches may appear. Guarana juice or coffee can help.

Quitting smoking and overweight

Nicotine accelerates intestinal peristalsis. Her sudden lack causes their work to slow down and constipation can occur. Dr. Sapa recommends changing your diet – more fluids, bran added to cottage cheese, yogurt and salads, more fresh fruit (intestinal work is well stimulated by kiwi) and vegetables.

It should also be remembered that the lack of nicotine unblocks the sense of smell and taste, and therefore food tastes better. In addition, eating compensates for the learned habit of holding something in the mouth. In order not to gain weight excessively, prof. Zatoński recommends supplying raw carrots, kohlrabi, cucumber, apple or celery. During a hunger attack, you can easily eat these vegetables and fruits. Dr Sapa also offers his patients dried cranberries, chokeberry or plums. Satisfy hunger because they are sweet and reflex to keep something in your mouth.

All those who claim that being overweight, which can become after quitting smoking will be worse than nicotine, prof. Zatoński responds that you need to gain over 20 kg to overcome the beneficial health effects of quitting.

Sport in the fight against nicotine addiction

Quitting smoking is also accompanied by psychological reactions. There may be irritability, anxiety, depression, hyperactivity and difficulty concentrating. – You have to realize that all these symptoms are temporary and none of them is life-threatening, as opposed to continuing to smoke – says Dr. Sapa. Most of them intensify after forty-eight hours, and gradually decrease in the next three to four weeks. A good distraction is to start a new physical activity. It can be a swimming pool, gym, roller skating, playing tennis or an intense dance course. Sport relieves stress and increases levels of satisfaction. In addition, it will prevent excessive weight gain.