Main reason for which should buy real steel for slimming corset boning, not another girdle available in every lingerie shop shown here where you see the difference in tension fabric strong thick corset, a thinner flexible materiel in underwear corrective.

To see the difference in the number and thickness of underwear: in the drawing white is the plastic underwear, the blue is the strong steel underwear. We see how the stretched corset is stressed on the body, and corrective underwear sticks into the body and folds together with it. Soft flexible material when still into the body even more attachments of the figures ‘imperfections. The corrective lingerie is too thin to mask fats, what you will just compress and support your body. Correcting underwear is plastic underwear in small quantities that bend, too weak to tension the materials. Highly stressed material never still into the body fold on abdomes and on the side. Plastic underwear frequently bend and remove from the body – creating tumors.

The slimming corset has an extraordinary strong structure, created by 2 layers of strong materials + steel undercraft in the number of 24 pieces. Fabrics used in corsece are not flexible and are not pending.
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Material, with a steel fabric in large amount in every position, is maximum, stressed. A real corset at all its height and volume doesn’t come in anywhere fold. All folders under corset are masked up. Only the small fold can do on the back above the corset, but never under the corset. Steel wrappings perfectly adjust to the body, at every point at their length, the corset should not right to move or roll. The underwires do not crack and do not deform like the underwires of gorste plastic straighty can be crimped during the curing – this all design is adapted to such stresses. Thanks, we get a more reduced reduction of body volume, a corset through a belt supporting the waist and a strong lacing, always stays in the right place for body. Emphasize the figure of the shops and the female’s shape. Constructions of real corsets are based on steel fabric including 4 flat baby needles near the spine, than the back under the corset are smooth and always maximum. On the side of the body under real corsety do not see any fold, even in sitting position.

Magic and secrets of real corsets, or how to enjoy your body even more.

I assume that you love your body – why, why not love it? Did you know that you can enjoy it even more with the help of an authentic corset?
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Few of us have time for a few extra hours in the gym. A real corset will help us achieve a great waist. In the United Kingdom, in one well-known lingerie store chain, according to statistics, someone buys a body shaping corset every three minutes. This is the answer to the return of the trend on the wasp waist.

Real corsets have survived all fashion revolutions of the last few centuries. They intrigue, excite, attract and attract, and most importantly, they ceased to be hated by our great-grandmothers torture instruments long ago. The history of the corsets has changed dynamically over the centuries. Currently, it is one of the hottest trends that is worth following. The phenomenon of corset mania can be observed from London to Milan, from Paris to New York. Trendsetters and fashionalists suspect that Madonna, Rihanna and Lady GaGa are responsible for this madness, who have passionately sculpted the waist and lifted breasts underwired for several seasons. Many women still appreciate the timeless effectiveness of the corset, as well as its psycho-therapeutic effect. However, before you decide to buy it, it is worth learning at least the minimal knowledge of cuts. I have been passionate about corsets for many years, it was my dream to create a place where every Polish woman will find her unique corset, chosen so that she can enjoy her body even more. The classic Corset not only makes us feel sexy, it is above all an effective tool for correcting the imperfections of the figure. Of course, we are talking about Modeling and Reducing corsets with metal underwires. The world clothing market is covered with corset-shaped tops commonly known as Buster, they are fancy and very feminine, they are often of an erotic nature, however, know that they will not emphasize the waist in any way, they will not correct the figure. In our store we called them Fashion Corsets.

The corset in our offer is not very cheap, and that is because we guarantee the highest quality of fabrics and constructions, so that each of our corsets, even after long wearing, always keeps the right shape and cut. We guarantee that the underwire does not crack and do not deform, we guarantee professional seams of the highest quality fabric, from which our corsets are sewn are richly woven Satin, noble Brocade and fleshy Taffeta. These are very selected species and material thicknesses. Many corsets are made of fabric called Brocade – it is a very noble fabric, which was already used in cutting corsets in the 17th century, today liturgical vestments are most often sewn from it. It’s a thick fabric with a convex patterned pattern, interwoven with gold or silver thread, silk or with a high silk content. Unfortunately, such fabrics cost a lot. All corsets in this collection undergo double quality control, which is why we have not yet reported complaints due to quality or damage.

Every woman should try on a real corset at least once in her life. It is enough to try it once, and later it is difficult to resist it. When thinking about a corset, we often associate it with fluffiness, squeezing the belly and sacrifice. Well, nothing more wrong! Any lady can wear a corset, regardless of size, age and figure. Such a classic corset with metal underwires makes us feel slim, extremely feminine, and also keeps your back straight, correcting gait and posture.

Unfortunately, corsets have until now been a very luxurious item. Finding an experienced corset that will sew us the perfect professional corset is not easy, and certainly not cheap. I checked the offer on the Polish market and what turned out? There are very few experienced factories that deal with professional sewing of corsets. Small competition means that we have to pay 300£ for such a corset, and often much more. I encourage you to take advantage of the offer of ready-made corsets available in 16 sizes.

The sizes of authentic corsets are given in inches (1 inch = 2, 54 cm, starting from the size 18 “counting every two (20”, 22 “, 24” etc. etc.). This scale is adopted uniformly throughout the world. About what does the size say? Well, the size number indicates that the volume of the waist fully laced corset (right and left half of the front corset fastened on the spine) is as much as the size number gives; e.g. size 26 “= the volume of the waist of this corset when full lacing is 66.04 cm It is assumed that a well-chosen corset size should be 4 inches smaller than your natural waist circumference (in inches).

A well-chosen corset size is just as important as a properly selected shoe size. Too small or too high lie in the wardrobe for months and you will never wait until you decide to put them on again – the same is true with a corset. Before buying, you should think carefully about the effect you want to achieve with it, because only then you will want to wear the corset again, again and again.