Xiaomi A&D e-cigarette is a new, interesting e-cigarette

Xiaomi A&D e-cigarette is the new e-cigarette of the Chinese giant. It is distinguished by the fact that it has a closed housing without the possibility of adding liquids. It allows for a total of up to 500 strokes. It is also small in shape and has already appeared on the market at a price of 199 yuan, or about PLN 100. Different flavors are available: apple, vanilla, grapefruit and mint – vape marketplace.

Xiaomi often creates interesting new devices, such as Earphone 3 headphones and pens. Now new ones have hit the market. These are e-cigarettes from the Xiaomi A&D e-cigarette line. What makes them stand out among others?

Xiaomi A&D e-cigarette has a small shape for an e-cigarette. It is 12 cm long and 1 cm in diameter. The body is made of stainless steel with a matt texture. The device also has different colors. Uses advanced inlet fog technology and automatic regulation of induction air flow. So when we draw smoke, the light turns on automatically and goes out when it’s not in use.

Xiaomi A&D e-cigarette with … vitamins

In addition, the e-cigarette has zero calories, collagen, and also contains vitamins C, A, B6, E and B12, coenzyme Q10 and various other micronutrients beneficial to our body. It comes in four flavors: apple, mint, grapefruit and vanilla. You do not need to change any parts or liquids here, because the equipment is completely closed. It is therefore a disposable product but has a concentration of up to 500 strokes. Its price is 199 yuan.

Author : vawoo.co.uk